Monday, April 30, 2007


The day he moved out was terrible -
That evening she went through hell.
His absence wasn't the problem
But the corkscrew had gone as well.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Delusions of Granduer

Are you still enjoying your unstable world? Your delusions of granduer?

Remember this comment from this blog entry?

Well let me tell you how much I enjoy my delusions of granduer. Let's look at my life last week.

I spent a lot of the week arranging many appointments with many high profile celebrities within my city. Many of these people know me, so they happily accepted my calls once they found out t was me and gladly met me to discuss an exciting new project I am currently working on.

So last week I had many luncheons and cups of coffee with high profile executives, politicians and celebrities...... you could say it was a hard week at work!

The project I am working on involves a wonderful community organisation who approached me to come and work for them as a PR/Marketing person, something that I have never done before in a paid role. The financial offer they gave me was by far too good to turn down, and I am having an absolute ball working from home and being paid bloody good money for it.

But the best day of all was Friday.

I went to my first official board/committee meeting for the organisation I am now working for. It was absolutely wonderful! I met everyone and they were all so welcoming, even having bottles of champagne and wine with nibblies to celebrate my appointment. I truly felt welcomed and everyone seemed so pleased to have me onboard!

After I got home from the meeting Charlie was taking me out to a concert of one of his favourite performers. I got ready in a flash and was ready to walk out the door. I sensed something was going on because of Charlie's behaviour and also the kids were acting very peculiarly.

I had no idea what was going on until the most amazing vintage car, a Packard in fact, turned up in the driveway. The Packard is the Rolls Royce of vintage cars, and indeed it was just that. It was stunning! The deep red velvet interior was just divine! And the driver was dressed up in a suit with a little bow tie, and he very much looked the part as he opened the door and held my hand as I got in the car.

So we travelled a scenic route to our destination whilst sipping on a glass of frightfully expensive champagne taht Charlie had purchased specially for the occasion. We managed to polish off the whole bottle whilst on our journey, which was only around 45 minutes.

And as we pulled up to our destination everyone stopped to look. The looks and smiles on their faces was truly amazing!

So in we went to the performance room where we were met by one of the club officials. She directed us to our seats, which were in the very front row of the VIP area. We were the only people in this area as she said she was honoured and privileged to have us attending one of her shows. She also arranged for another bottle of expensive champagne to be brought over to us to drink whilst watching the show.

And after the show, our Packard turned up to convey us home, this time driving via another scenic route. Our driver had even stopped to purchase us another bottle of champagne to consume on our return journey, but we declined his wonderful gesture because of the amount we had already consumed.

And as the driver opened the door and held my hand as I alighted from the vehicle, Charlie reached for his wallet to pay the driver for our return journey.

"I am absloutely honoured to have taken you in my car tonight Charlie, so in no way can I accept any form of payment from you. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity that you did tonight" .

So to answer your question if I am enjoying my delusions of granduer......HELL YEAH!!!