Sunday, June 10, 2007

The date that changed my life

We truly had a wonderful few days away. The place we stayed at was simply divine! Charlie picked it himself and kept it as a surprise for me.

I thought we would never reach our romantic getaway. We seemed to just keep driving and driving and driving! But I can assure you when we got there it was so worth it!

We stayed in a resort that overlooked the most sensational mountain range and gorgeous lake. It was actually built into the side of a mountain so you can imagine the views.

Check it out! You can just see the resort in the middle of the photo.

As you can see the views were absolutely amazing! Here is a zoomed in pic of the resort. You can just see the rooms below the reception office between the trees. They are actually built into the mountain so are a little diffcult to see.

To get to our room you had to go through darkened hallways and stairwells. The only light was the fairy lights that covered the ceilings. Because of the lighting level the photos really do not portray how magical it truly was.

We had a self contained studio suite, which was full of luxuries and all the mod cons you could want. The entire width of the suite was glass windows, overlooking the mountains and lake. These pics are the view we had from our suite which were taken from the back deck area of our suite.

On the deck there was a patio setting where Charlie and I sat and ate our breakfast each morning. The sky was constantly filled with little swallows and we watched them in awe as they darted here and there. They are a flitty little bird aren't they? And SO quick!

There was also a spa bath in the studio that overlooked the mountains. Charlie and I had a spa together every night of our romantic getaway. Charlie had packed a box of things before we left and included some of our favourite CD's, DVD's and candles. So we relaxed in the spa, with the suite drenched in flickering candlelight, sipping our red wine and listening to our CD's and watching the stars twinkling in the night sky. It was just gorgeous!

The resort was so private that at no stage did we even close the plantation shutters. We constantly walked around naked and not once did we feel cold! I guess that may have had something to do with the activities ;-) on offer! Or perhaps it was because of the amazing oldstyle logfire that was in the centre of the room.

Not once did we wear our watches, nor did we set an alarm clock. We let the natural light wake us in the morning. Charlie wakes earlier than me, so he gently woke me every morning with sensual kisses which usually led to other activites!

The best part of our escape was that we did absolutely nothing. We stayed at the resort, never venturing to the many tourist attractions nearby.

We played tennis. We went bushwalking. We made love. We layed on the bed and talked. We read a book together. We made love. We ate. We slept. We made love. We played scrabble. We drank wine. We made love.

We truly did have a romantic getaway and the date that changed my life last year, once again changed my life.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

I wonder if.....

The last week I have struggled because it was the actual "anniversary" of when he told me about his affair. He knew I was struggling so he surprised me and took me away for a very romantic break.

We stayed at the most amazing place, a resort set in a mountain side with absolutely gorgeous mountain views overlooking a lake. The cabin was SO romantic with its own spa and kitchen facilities.

We arrived late afternoon after taking a very leisurely drive to get there, sharing a counter lunch at a very cosy country pub with an open fireplace. At one stage we even went off road :-) for a quicky (lucky we have a 4WD).

The suite we stayed in had its own spa that overlooked the valley and lake. It was divine. We had our own fireplace and after dinner Charlie and I had a beautiful hot spa together under the stars, sharing a glass of red wine.

We originally opened a bottle of 'Arrogant Frog' but it was absolute crap and after only a sip we discovered it was cheap and trashy, just like a mistress, and tipped it down the sink before sharing a glorious bottle of 1999 shiraz.

We jumped out of the spa and layed naked in front of the fire place. Before too long Charlie and I were sharing intimate kisses, long and passionate kisses, hot and steamy kisses, his tongue inching over my entire body.

And as we became one, the shrill ring of my mobile phone broke the silence of passion (I have 2 phones because I have my personal one and also Charlie's old one due to having to change his number because the mistress continued to call him).

We were too entranced in each other to even be bothered checking the phone, so we ignored it, continuing to share each other in only the way true lovers could.

Less than 60 seconds later the ring of my mobile phone came between us once again.

Once again we did not even contemplate answering that call. Our attention was focused on each other. Nothing could come between us.

Charlie continued to make passionate love to me, and a few moments later the phone rang again.

And as Charlie continued to make passionate love to me, we once again ignored the phone. Nothing was more important than the intamacy we shared at that moment.

So as we lay there in front of the fire, holding each other tightly, legs entwined, both of us coming down from our orgasmic experience, we both began to see reality.

What if it was one of the kids? What if something has happened? We should check who it was because it must be urgent if someone calls 3 times in ten minutes at 10 o'clock at night.

I picked up the phone to see 3 missed calls from a number neither of us recognised. I returned the call. And as the phone rang I did not expect what happened next.

"Hi. You've called Mistress, ........" at which point I terminated the call.

You guessed it....she called again. Three calls in 10 minutes.

So I wonder if her "gorgeous man" she was being wooed by is aware of her continued desire to chase Charlie? Or is this another of her drunken imaginings?

And I wonder if "I'm sorry for the times I contacted you by phone, it was stupid of me" is just another of her weak and pitiful attempts to appear innocent.

And I wonder if "I have absolutely no wish to maintain any contact with you whatsoever. I promise you that I am over 'us' and that I am looking ahead and moving forward just like you" actually means "If I am in another of my drunken states that I can do whatever it is that I want to do". Or if it means "I can see you are moving forward with your life but you didn't want me so I am going to make your life hell".

And I wonder if "I am out of your lives" means I have the right to do whatever it is that I please because "I realise I was just a free fuck and suck for you"?

And I wonder if "and I wish whoever the smart arse anonymous is would stop keeping me in it" means "I am still trying to lie and cover my arse becasue I still am obsessed with you".

And I wonder if "After everything that has happened it would be so sad if your marriage didn't survive this. I think it will, and I think it will be stronger and better. Especially if you will please accept the truth that it's not me commenting and causing trouble." actually means "I love living a lie so I will tell every lie to make me look good". Or if it means "I love causing trouble because I am a desperate attention seeker".

I wonder if the new 'man' in her life is no longer a challenge because he left his wife for her and the challenge is now gone. And if she is again out to get Charlie because she never quite got her claws in far enough to Charlie to snag him wholly and she hates failing.

I wonder if she will ever get a grip on reality. Perhaps if she stopped drinking her $5 bottle of Queen Adelaide Chardonnay she would see things from a new perspective.

Somehow I don't think so.