Thursday, July 12, 2007

The first time

I remember the first time we made love.

We had a wonderful night. He invited me over to his house and made dinner for me. He made prawn cocktails for an entree. He went out and purchased special bowls in order to make them. We still have those bowls and he still makes prawn cocktails in those same bowls for us.

For the main he made a beautiful Thai chicken dish. It was really delicious. And as we talked and ate, we shared a bottle of chilled white wine. He had soft music playing in the background and after we finished our meal we sat on the lounge together.

We talked and talked some more. We were so comfortable in each others company. We could have sat for hours and just stared into each others eyes, sharing a good bottle of wine , talking and listening to music.

But alas, we had to meet some friends of mine. So we left together.

We had a wonderful night out with friends and on our return to his place we were both truly exhausted. But we sat once again together on the lounge, cuddling and talking.

Eventually he got up and took my hand, leading me into his bedroom. He sat me down and leant me back whilst kissing me. His kisses were tender and wet, full of emotion and passion.

Joining me on his bed he laid beside me, kissing me tenderly.

Slowly his hands began to make their way over my clothed body, but one by one, the buttons on my shirt were released from their hold. Eventually we were both naked and could not wait for the pleasure that lay ahead of us.

The first time says so much about the journey of the relationship.

The first time cements the foundation of the future of the relationship.

The first time cements the path of the relationship up until this point.

If there was no passion until this point then the relationship was probably lust filled, just like a one night stand.

If there was nothing special shared until this point then the relationship was probably an escape.

If there was nothing but lies and cover ups until this point then the relationship is probably a lie.

So I believe that sex in a broom closet, or in a lunchbreak at some seedy motel, or on a bathroom floor with the door locked whilst children sleep in their beds, speaks volumes about the relationship.

If it doesn't include something special then it really isn't anything special.